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June 8th is World Ocean Day! How is your company demonstrating its commitment to our planet’s greatest treasure? The theme this year is ‘Planet Ocean: It's Time to Restore!"

The ocean covers more than 70% of our planet's surface, regulates our climate, and provides a home for countless species. It's time we prioritize its well-being and take action to preserve its wonders. 🐠🐋

Polluted ocean with sea turtle

Here’s some ideas to demonstrate how your business can restore our planet starting from this World Ocean Day:

  1. Coastal Cleanup Challenges: Organize coastal cleanup challenges in collaboration with local communities and schools. Encourage participants to collect and properly dispose of marine debris, and reward those who make the most significant impact.

  2. Sustainable Seafood Initiatives: Collaborate with local restaurants and seafood suppliers to promote sustainable seafood options. Host events that educate consumers about responsible fishing practices, highlight sustainable seafood recipes, and inspire people to make conscious choices that support healthy oceans and the livelihoods of fishing communities.

  3. Ocean Conservation Artwork: Partner with local artists to create captivating ocean-themed murals in public spaces. These artworks can serve as powerful reminders of the importance of ocean conservation and inspire viewers to take action.

  4. Adopt-a-Mangrove: Partner up with local marine conservation groups like Azraq and sponsor the protection of local mangrove restoration work. Participants can symbolically adopt a turtle and contribute to restoration projects, research, and monitoring initiatives.

  5. Sustainable Beach Parties: Organize eco-friendly beach parties that blend fun with environmental consciousness. Encourage attendees to bring reusable cups, plates, and utensils, provide recycling stations, and host engaging activities such as beach yoga, educational talks, and interactive games that highlight marine conservation.

Remember, the ocean sustains us all. By celebrating World Environment Day, we can amplify our efforts to protect and restore our precious marine ecosystems.



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