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We help purpose-driven organisations to scale their impact by building partnerships, attracting funding and advocating for change.


Sustainability strategists

Our impact consulting business works with leading brands and organisations to be the change they want to see in the world. We provide expertise in how to develop meaningful ESG and CSR strategies that drive business growth and reshape their relationship with people and planet. We also help civil society organisations, academic insitutions and government entities to understand the stakeholder landscape, generate new knowledge and establish the dialogue necessary to unlock solutions.

Recent client work

Advocating for the rights of workers and vulnerable groups in the GCC

The Climate Consultancy worked with an international non-profit to identify businesses, civil society, academia and government entities who may be interested in collaborating on an initiative to advance worker welfare. We focused in on the green transition as an enabler of worker rights and used it as an entry point to discuss responsible recruitment and business practices. We then helped the organisation to understand national, regional and international policies and frameworks, and how initiatives on sustainability and the green transition manifest on the ground. 

Helping GCC schools to accelerate their transition to a sustainable future

The Climate Consultancy helped to launch the MENA chapter of The Alliance for Sustainable Schools. The network aims to harness the collective influence of its members, engage with their students, and partner with innovative organisations in their local communities to catalyse systems change in five priority areas: buses, buildings, food, uniforms, and education for sustainability. The Climate Consultancy is responsible for driving membership, securing funding, coordinating events and learning opportunities and developing thought leadership on sustainable school models. 

Developing a sustainability strategy for a semi-government entity 

The Climate Consultancy helped a UAE-based semi-government entity to understand its environmental impact, assess its materiality and develop a medium-term roadmap to reduce its carbon footprint. Proposed initiatives included employee engagement, waste reduction strategies, sustainable procurement and annual sustainability reports to track progress over time. 

Developing a COP28 advocacy strategy

 The Climate Consultancy worked with an environmental non-profit to define their advocacy strategy and develop a plan for approaching COP28. Support included connecting the organisation with relevant stakeholders to secure a pavilion within the blue zone, as well as defining activities that would help the organisation to raise awareness and achieve impact around the event. 

Developing a five year strategy for a UAE-based non-profit

The Climate Consultancy developed the five-year strategy of a UAE non-profit focused on marine conservation. The strategy focused on helping the organisation to become financially sustainable through innovative revenue-generating activities that delivered impact whilst also securing long-term funding sources. 

Securing corporate sponsorship

The Climate Consultancy works with a number of organisations to help them with their fundraising goals. We work at the intersection of public, private and civil society to connect stakeholders and build programmes that add value to all parties involved. We have helped several companies to launch CSR strategies that provide much needed corporate sponsorship to high impact organisations.

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